Sonifex RM MC1L

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RM-MC1L Monitor Controller, Single Stereo Input & Output With Light Control:

The RM-MC1L is a stereo unit with a single stereo balanced analogue input and output on XLRs. Useful in a production environment, the unit allows you to control the audio level to external monitors and to DIM the audio, or CUT it completely with simple front panel controls, or remote external inputs.

It has a master volume control that adjusts the attenuation on the output channels from 0dB down to -86dB. A CUT control mutes the audio outputs when enabled, whilst a DIM control attenuates the audio output channels by a pre-set amount from -2dB to -23dB.

All of the buttons on the front panel are illuminated by LEDs and the brightness can be changed to better suit the environment in which the unit is used.


Audio Inputs:
- 2 x XLR 3-pin female (balanced)

Audio Outputs:
- 2 x XLR 3-pin male (balanced)

Remote I/O Port:
- 15 way D-type socket