Zenon All-In-One Audio

Das Sendesystem All-In-One-Audio besteht aus diversen Grundmodulen und einer Vielzahl optional erhältlicher Zusatzmodule, die entsprechend Ihren Anforderungen zusammengestellt werden können.


Der On air Scheduler spielt auf unterschiedlichen Ausspielwegen jedes erdenkliche Audioformat aus. Unterschiedliche Formate können auch gemischt abgespielt werden. Per Drag & Drop vom BROWSER oder Windows Explorer (auch Outlook) können Musiktitel im Scheduler eingeplant werden. Der Send 3 Scheduler kann in folgenden Modis betrieben werden: On air, Slave (second studio), Practice, Administration und View only. Ein unabhängiger PFL-Bus kann am Bildschirm oder - wie auch der Faderstart der Kanäle - per GPIOs gesteuert werden. Die Kommunikation mit einem digitalen Mischpult funktioniert dabei bidirektional. Trigger und Targets können dabei mit praktisch jeder erdenklichen Sendehardware kommunizieren und sich gegenseitig steuern. Die entsprechende Kommunikation wird im ZENON DEVICE MANAGER (ZDM) konfiguriert.


Der Cardplayer kann mit beliebig vielen Schächten konfiguriert werdenund gleichzeitig auf individuellen physikalischen Auspielwegen spielen. Die Steuerung per externer Hardware ist auch hier bidirektional möglich (Faderstart, PFL, Cue, etc.)

- Play any audio format
- Multi instance. Each for one audio channel
- Multi play: Add audio on same audio device
- GPI/O control
- Number of slot not limited
- PFL control or dedicated PFL audio channel
- Synchronization over IP to preload over Network
- Each slot can be: Stack or Slice


Modul zum zeit- oder eventgesteurtem Einladen von Jingles oder Effekten in die Cardslots

- Scan folder and load automatically the cart
- Connect to database and made category shifting for regional sub channel
- Preload over TCP/IP any cart over the network
- Display list of cart synchronized
- Display list of preset for each cart wall

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Fx and Jingle/liner playout. Cartwall is a software that allow to start immediate audio item. Dedicated for playing immediatly Jingle or effects. Several Bank can be defined to group the audio item collections. The playout is done on a “standart” audio card compatibel with the WDM directx of Windows. The slot can be filled by drag&Drop form Zenon-Media database browser or directly from Windows Explorer. Any format are accepted (linear, MP2, MP3,…). Also any Bitrate and sampling frequency can be playout.

Working modes:

Play on clic: Direct play of the item on clic. This is usefull when using with a touch screen or dedicated keyboard.
Select on clic: Preselect one or more item, Play/Stop command are done by external GPI Fader start/Stop

Each slot can be associated to an external GPI for start command. Each row or column can be set on different soundcar. Each bank can be locked by password to control the use of the included audio items.


Database search engine View in several categories or group:
- Possibilities of export to other application by drag & Drop
- Connect to several databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Sybase, Access, Centura)
- Direct prelisting of the file in the database by dble click
- Erase on item in predefined categories
- move some item in archive
- GPI/O control for external preload and search action
- Each category has own field view


Clock manager and external file merger. Gridmanager is the interface that you need to build your clock for all the days. Clocks can be stored, for further needs. In a normal week schedule some special days can be inserted for holiday or different free days. The merge of the music scheduler and traffic management will be done over this interface. Merging external file is done over a lot a dedicated filter for the most common third part software like: selector, powergold, music one, repertoire, music master, ukimedia, Medas, Meridian, AluP,…

Up to 3 different software can be linked with Gridmanager to import external schedule for Music, traffic, promo. Import filter for each department can be different to use dedicated software for each work. Some recurrent jingle will be directly placed on their location. Interaction between on air schedule and cart machine to preload the cartwall on specific position in scheduler is also possible.


Playing sub program: If an audio signal is present at the input of the audio card, (the master radio program for example), the cart machine can generate cross fades between the main program and the card or between the commercial block and the card.

Several solution could be used to broadcast some regional commercial, news,station id's depending on the possibilites, main audio could be sent by satelitte, FM, leased line,...

The control trigger for start/stop the local sub program could be send over sat, IP, or any serial protocol. Local event could also be set on time. So no control event is needed.

The playout machine from Zenon-Media can be used as playout but also as VCA matrix so that the main audio can be smooth faded out when local part of audiois inserted.

For the planification some commercial lists are imported, than over "Commercial Editor", the length of all item in the different cities are controlled.

Auto filling can help to keep the different cities synchronized.


- Connect to SEND over IP
- Record the speech while simulate audio transition
- Record in any format (mp2, mp3, wav,...)
- Record over any soundcard
- Drop Jingle over the transition and the speech
- Voice tracking done somewhere in LAN/WAN is reported in real time on air
- Possibility of voice tracking over Internet
- Fade in /out control by external fader box connect to any PC over serial link


is used for recording new entry in the database. The import in the database can be done over file import tool
direct grabbing from the CD-ROM connection to CDDB database over Internet for automatic Author, Titel labeling.
After importing the audio, all the fields can be filled in order to categorized the item. All the marker in the audio like Intro, outro, Cut-in,… are set bovver the graphical window. Listen to the audio while setting the points is possible to help the work process. Control of the graphic view over shortcut give a better ergonomically control. Database management is the second role of this software:

Adding sound category
Renaming sound
Renaming category
Moving item from one category to an other one
Multiple deletion of entry
Coherence check of the database,

some fields are designed for your own needs. So no label are given from one radio station to the next over internet or extranet way


One or several stereo track audio Editor. Easy to use audio editor, Audio editing on single or several stereo track. Works together with ZENON-MEDIA database browser for simple Drag&Drop of any audio files. Can be used as a stand alone Editor together with Windows Explorer, just put an audio file by drag & Drop from windows explorer in the editor.

Cut, Copy, Paste
Play selection,
Pre and post -roll over selection to prelisten the cut
All undo, redo level
Add some file in the current work at current position by simple Drop.

Different format can be used in the same project. All button controlled over Keyboard shortcut, Mouse and external GPIO (over ZDM module from ZENON-MEDIA). Use of hardware interface possible (JL Cooper f.e.,…). Multiformat Audio Editing: AIFF, MP2,
WAV, MP3. All compression rate: From 8kbits up to 384 kbits for example. Multi bitrates: 8 bits or 16 bits.


Audio logging system for long time recording

The recording of the audio data is done over standard audio card using a compression algorithm and the data is stored on hard-discs.

Depending on the compression rate, different bandwidths can be achieved. They range from 4 kHz bandwidth mono, requiring a bit rate of 8 KB/sec., to 20 kHz stereo, which requires a bit rate of 80 KB/sec.

The compression is realised in MPEG 1 Layer 3 or MPEG 1 layer 2 . So an access over Internet or Intranet on the archive is possible

Aircheck player:

Playback and search of the recorded audio is done on a PC over the network.
Extract of the recorded audio can be made. Conversion of the format is also after extraction possible
In the player, the channel, date and time can chosen.


If some position in the recording needs to be set, the Pointer Software record the GPIO in the modulation.
Later on it will be easy to find out, the locator in the long time recording. This function can be used for record locator for the live speaking or commercial play out position in a program. In the AIRCHECK PLAYER, a direct extraction of modulation between locator is possible.


Fail over to local disk without stopping Broadcast 0 ms switching time.

EMERGENCYCOPY backup all schedules and corresponding sound files on a local hard-disc. If the server goes down or if the network link fails, the On Air studio will switch to the local soundfile with 0 ms interruption. When server came back, after some seconds check, the switch will be done again on the server full automatically. Yet non-stop broadcasting can be ensured, without any complicated technology like SFTIII (Novell) or clustering. Not only soundfiles from the playlist are copied, but also voicetracking, texts, …

If the server is a non dedicated Zenon-Media soundfile server , but the file are played from an other database, the local process is also transferring the sound local so that the fail over process works. EMERGENCYCOPY allows one to listen what happens with the On Air scheduler in real time. Every change in the scheduler initiates an update action of audio files are transferred to local hard-discs.

If the network link fails, all sound files for the current day as well as the next ones (if generated) are copied on the local hard disc. For example if the next three days are generated, it is possible to broadcast during those three days without network or server (requires 9 Gb local hard-disc)


Automatic recording of audio item triggered by GPIO, Network notification or scheduling

- Several instance can work at same time for different recording process on same machine
- Record a File after starting over ZDM.
- Playback for Broadcast while recording.
- The file can only be stored in a directory. To record in the database it need the universal import as add-on
- Pre record possible to record some seconds before Start signal.
- Stop on silence
- Control output while recording f.e. for red light
- Prerecording some seconds before trigger is possible
- defining the recoding format


Automatic generation of RSS/HTML feeds and audio file. Over this module it would be possible to generate the RSS feeds of the broadcasts. The Kit is able to export the audio files in any format, Bitrate,...

Associated feeds are also generated , the template of the feed is customized so that you will be able to generate in RSS , HTML, ATOM… format. The PODCAST can be cutted in several sequences so that some part of the PODCAST can be cutted. On the basic configuration up to 8 podcast can be feeded, in each podcast up to 8 sequences can be triggered.

To descript the PODCAST each trigger can have a name who will be used as PODCAST Name. Each Sequence also could be named. The audio file generated together with the podcast or with the sequence can be stored in any quality (customer choose).

The recording is not done on a RERECORDING when pressed a trigger but is done on a 24/24 hour recording where the PODCAST is extracted. So it will be easly possible to change the start/end point of the audio file if something interessting happens before or after the trigger point.

Sample of generated file in Itune format


is a tool to link third part audio editor to the Zenon-Media database. Some audio file in any format a pushed in a dedicated directory.

- Poll directory
Universal import will poll the folder in regular time intervall. Any time some audio file are found, a window is opened where all the database fields can be entered.

A small grafical view can be used to enter the fade point, mix, and fade curves.
The polled directory can be UNC , samba, FTP path. So direct import from foreign server is also possible.

- Import attached text file
Universal import can also be used to import automatically audio file in the Zenon-Media database where a attached text file contain the information of the audio item

- DATABASE connection
Direct connection to a third part database is also possible. So in real time it is possible to synchronize a DALET database f.e. with the Zenon-Media automation.

Universal import is running in a tray bar, only when some information need to be entered, the window opened with some field to be filled.


used to synchronize an ALL IN ONE AUDIO database from one location to an other. The source and the target database can be 2 different engine (source for example is MS SQL and target is MYSQL). So it is much more as a replication of SQL engine. For synchronization process only some category can be copy. Over a database synchronization, also the audio file are mirrored. The audio format can be changed over the mirroring process. So the target audio format can be a high compressed format (MP3 for example). If some hook part are defined in the rotation database, the whole audio file or only the hook part can be transfer.

Example of use:

Replication of the on air database for intranet or internet use.
On air database mirrored in MP3 to a intranet server for office prelistening use
Database and audio replication from and to different operating system.
Location replication from one radio station to the next over internet or extranet way.

Radio and Internet:

The normal extension of the Radio in direction of Internet could be first the streaming. This natural extension of the radio job propose an extension of the propagation of the radio over the Web support.
After a depther thinking this new support proposed by the Web must generate some new Idea to use Internet as a new support to propose more services in direction of information and news. These informations and the Web can be used as a commercial plateforme and could generate some additional revenues.

The information sources that could be used on the WEB can be:
- News Text written in house by the journalists
- the reports done by journalists
- The music playlist
- Link to several audio online chop
- Link to "legal" online download provider
- Ad banner commercial
- Best of broadcasting (podcast, best of...)

Hardware, Systemintegration und Support:

Sie kaufen natürlich nicht einfach ein paar Softwaremodule und sind Ihrem Schicksal überlassen! Selbstverstänlich kümmern wir uns um die Integration aller Module, die Systemintegration mit beliebiger Hardwarepeipherie. Wir bietet Ihnen darüber hinaus diverse Supportpakete an, die Ihren Sendebetrieb rund um die Uhr sicher stellen werden. Als Harwarekomponenten empfehlen wir DELL-PCs, die von Zenon Media selbst konfiguriert und optimiert werden.