Optocore DD 4ME

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The DD 4ME is the perfect digital I/O unit for a wide range of professional audio devices with electrical MADI inputs and outputs such as digital consoles and I/O systems.

The huge amount of channels exchanged by one DD 4ME makes it the ideal and most cost effective interface for digital console systems. The unit provides two MADI input and two MADI output ports, allowing the transmission of up to 128 input and 128 output digital audio channels. The DD 4ME is equipped with coaxial (BNC) interfaces.


- 2 MADI coaxial inputs / 2 MADI coaxial outputs
- Up to 128 in- and 128 output channels
- Four RS485 interfaces for the exchange of control data. (e.g. RS422, RS485, DMX, MIDI)
- Word clock in- and output
- Composite video in- and output
- 2 optical 1 Gbps LINK interface with duplex SC-connectors
- Dual power supply with automatic switchover
- 1 USB and 1 RS232 port for configuration and control
- Full remote access with OPTOCORE CONTROL software
- Upgradeable internal logic
- Comprehensive status control via LED banks on the front