Telos Zephyr Xstream

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Zephyr Xstream is a rackmount-style transceiver specially designed for use with a single ISDN line or other low-bitrate transmission paths including IP networks. Zephyr Xstream is perfect for broadcast or voiceover studios, permanent remote locations or wherever high-quality transmission of news, sports, music or production is needed.

Two-channel flexibility over a single ISDN circuit, or two synchronous links, can be used to transmit and receive 20kHz stereo audio to and from a single location, or two mono channels to and from separate locations.

IP streaming is possible with both MP3 and AAC. The Xstream's AAC decoder incorporates error concealment.


- G.722, G.711 and MPEG Layer-3 & Layer-2 coding for compatibility.
- MPEG-2 AAC coding for CD-quality audio.
- MPEG-4 AAC-LD coding for high audio quality with low delay.
- 100Base-T Ethernet port(*) allows remote control and streaming of AAC or MP3-coded audio over a LAN, WAN or the Internet. TCP/IP network connectivity also include web browser remote control and easy upgrade of system software via FTP.
- Livewire(tm) input/output support(*) for easy one-connector-integration into Axia local audio networks
- Optional ISDN terminal adapter makes Telco connections simple. Works with US and EURO-ISDN connections.
- Analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs with independent sample rate converters.
- Front-panel headphone jack with level control.
- Auto-configuring 90-240 volt power supply.

- ZEPHYR XSTREAM – Rack-Mount Studio Version with ISDN, X.21/V.35 and Ethernet
- ZEPHYR XSTREAM – Rack-Mount Studio Version with ISDN and Ethernet
- ZEPHYR XSTREAM – Rack-Mount Studio Version with Ethernet and X.21/V.35
- ZEPHYR XSTREAM – Rack-Mount Studio Version with Ethernet only