Telos Zephyr Xport POTS + ISDN Codec

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You need to set up a remote broadcast — fast.

You arranged for an ISDN line, but will it be installed in time? Good thing Zephyr Xport is part of your remote toolkit. With Xport, you can use either digital or analog telephone lines for full-fidelity remote broadcasts – and connect to the same Zephyr Xstream ISDN Transceiver in your studio no matter which you use.

Zephyr Xport utilizes a unique custom DSP-based modem architecture that allows use of an ordinary analog (POTS) telephone line for transmission of high-quality mono audio to an ISDN-connected Zephyr Xstream. Xport delivers incredible audio quality by using the highest fidelity low-bitrate coding method on Earth: Coding Technologies’ revolutionary aacPlus, the combination of MPEG AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and SBR (Spectral Band Replication). This method improves the efficiency of the codec by 30% over “plain” AAC (which itself is 30% more efficient than MPEG Layer 3) to deliver stunning reproduction of voice and music.

The result is that you'll enjoy jaw-dropping audio with rock-solid connections that conventional POTS codecs (restricted to analog on the studio side) can't provide. You never thought a POTS remote could sound this good! aacPlus coding delivers stunning reproduction of voice and music, and our custom DSP-based modem extracts maximum bit rate from common phone lines to prevent audio loss from retraining.

And when ISDN is available... you're ready. When equipped with the available ISDN option, Xport can connect to Zephyr Xstream over ISDN using Fraunhofer Labs’ state-of-the-art Low Delay AAC (AAC-LD), which offers quality equivalent to MPEG Layer 3 with about 75% less delay – perfect for high-quality two-way remote broadcasts. And G.722 coding lets you connect to the largest variety of third-party ISDN codecs, too.


- Field-installable ISDN option makes Zephyr Xport a "grab-and-go" remote tool -- connect to POTS phone lines anywhere; use ISDN wherever available
- aacPlus audio coding for spectacular 15 kHz audio over POTS connections
- Low-Delay MPEG AAC-LD for low-delay two way connections to Zephyr Xstream using ISDN
- G.722 audio coding for connection to third-party ISDN codecs
- Built-in DSP mixer with mic and line inputs
- Selectable input dynamics processing by Omnia
- Independent headphone, receive audio and monitor mixes
- Easy-to-use controls with friendly menus designed for non-technical users
- HTTP remote control using any standard Web browser
- Ethernet port and DB-9 computer interface connections
- Rugged go-anywhere metal chassis with shock-absorbing bumpers


Internal ISDN/TA Card for Xport - ISDN With Internal NT1
- Includes both “S” and “U” connectors. Optional ISDN card upgrades Xport for
use with both ISDN & POTS for maximum flexibility.

Auxiliary Interface Cable
- Cellular handset audio cable. ¼” TRS to 2.5mm TRS. Connects Xport to
standard 2.5mm headset/mic jack.

V.35/X.21 Network Data Interface Card
- For Zephyr Xstream. Requires 2091-00023 or 2091-00024 Data Cable (see below). Supports data rates up to 384 kbps.

Internal ISDN Terminal Adapter Card
- For Zephyr Xstream. Converts any Zephyr Xstream not previously equipped with ISDN interface. Includes both “S” and “U” interface.

V.35 Data Cable
- V.35 dual channel for Zephyr and Zephyr Xstream. 18 inches, 45.7cm, with all connectors attached.

X.21 Data Cable
- X.21 dual channel Zephyr and Zephyr Xstream. 18 inches, 45.7cm, with all connectors attached.