Telos Z/IP One

Z/IP ONE is the newest addition to the Zephyr family — an affordable, 1 RU codec designed to help you get the best possible quality from public IP networks and mobile phone data services, even from connections behind NATs and firewalls. Agile Connection Technology (ACT), a Telos exclusive, is the foundation for the Z/IP's excellent performance on real-world networks. It delivers reliable audio despite varying network conditions, and without the need for user intervention. The Z/IP dynamically adapts to the network, minimizing the effects of packet loss and jitter.

When the network is well behaved, you will benefit from the lowest possible delay and the highest possible fidelity. Should network conditions become challenging, the Z/IP ONE automatically responds by lowering the bitrate and increasing the buffer length, doing everything possible to ensure audio makes it to your studio reliably.

Z/IP ONE extracts excellent quality from even not-so-excellent IP connections, thanks to a new codec based on low delay AAC: Advanced Audio Coding-Enhanced Low Delay (AAC-ELD), which gives excellent fidelity at low bitrates with nearly inaudible loss concealment and very little delay.

And of course, Z/IP ONE speaks fluent Livewire; in addition to standard I/O, the Livewire connection lets it connect to any Axia IP-Audio network using just a CAT-5 cable.


Z/IP ONE is wireless capable and can connect to IP networks via Wi-Fi, EVDO, and UMTS.
-Exclusive Agile Connection Technology (ACT) automatically senses network conditions and adapts codec performance to provide the best possible audio.
-Largest choice of high-performance codecs: AAC-ELD, AAC-HE, AAC-LD, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG 4 AAC LC, MPEG 2 AAC LC, G.711, G.722 and linear PCM.
-Convenient directory server, no need to know another device’s IP address.
-Transparent RS-232 channel for audio side channel or metadata, e.g., RDS.
-8-bit parallel GPIO port for signaling and control.
-Slim 1 RU form factor fit is equally at home in a studio rack, remote kit or road case.
-Dual IP ports for separate streaming and control.
-Easy browser setup via built-in Web server.
-Push mode for one-way network connectivity such as satellite broadcasts.
-Multiple push mode, push to multiple destinations.
-Sophisticated NAT traversal support.

- aptX Enhanced Audio Codec