Mayah Centauri IV 3001

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Our state of the art audio codec since 2001. In its 12th year and fourth edition, the CENTAURI 3001 has become the broadcasters darling. All on board with even more to explore. Connects via Layer 3 or AAC, HE or ADPCM4SB, linear or G.722, and transmission sessions in mono or stereo.

It's all you need for a perfect transmission. Trust the classic version of an industry standard: the CENTAURI IV 3001. SIP, DHCP, EBU Tech3326, and a highly flexible codec algorithm tool box, supporting all relevant IP protocols including VoIP features. Limitless compatibility, even with older 3rd party audio codecs from M-Taxi to Z-Fyre, featuring add-on possibility of ISDN, X.21, Dual IP, Redundant PSU modules, and beyond.

2/4 channel audio transmission solution
- analog XLR, AES, WC, HP
- G.711, G.722, Layer 2, Layer 3, OPUS, linear, red. Streaming, FEC,
- Dual Ethernet, 19“, 2RU, LEDs, Keypad, redundant PSU

Codec Accessories:
- CIV-AC PSU 90-240 AC .....(on request)

Codec Applications:
- CIV-DSY Synchroneous play out of decoder audio signal via NTP, <<+-8ms .....(on request)

Codec Audio Formats:
- CIV-AAC and AAC HE Encoder, Decoder .....(on request)
- CIV-AES/EBU Transparent Mode .....(on request)
- CIV-APTX and EaptX Encoder, Decoder .....(on request)
- CIV-OPUS Mono Audio Coding/Decoding .....(on request)

Codec Network Cards:
- CIV-ASI Interface (out) .....(on request)
- CIV-ISDN 4 BRI (8 B channels) .....(on request)
- CIV-X.21 Interface .....(on request)

Codec Software:
- MOBIphone Free iOS App available on the App Store

Upgrades Centauri:
- CIV-UP1 Upgrade HW Centauri I to Centauri IV .....(3.950,00 €)
- CIV-UP2 Upgrade HW Centauri II to Centauri IV .....(3.450,00 €)
- CIV-UP3 Upgrade HW Centauri III to Centauri IV .....(2.950,00 €)