Mayah Centauri IV 5000

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CENTAURI IV 5000 64 Channel scalable audio transmission solution.

There's hardly any transmission challenge our CENTAURI IV 5000 can't handle. Anything from Streaming, Scouting, Extensive Error Correction / Concealment and/or Format Conversion, consider it done. The CENTAURI IV 5000 is THE solution when it comes to handling multiple scalable channels with up to 64 mono or 32 stereo programs combined in one unit. Applications range from an answering machine for scouts, reporters and journalists, to a communication center for e.g. hot spot sport events, handling extensive data traffic.

Highly flexible algorithm tool box, supporting all relevant IP protocols including VoIP features. Limitless compatibility. Regardless, if you need to connect to 3rd party hardware or software codec/app, CENTAURI IV 5000 is your best choice. Beyond backup and standard gateway functions, incoming IP/ISDN calls can be transferred to e.g. Livewire or, as a file, to and from a broadcast server. For your broadcast challenges, MAYAH's CENTAURI IV 5000 is the solution.

- 64 audio signal input/output, fully bi-directional
- Power supply redundant, hot swap
- 2 Ethernet interfaces for separate streaming and control
- Range of audio encoding, from G.711, G.722, L2, L3, to linear red. STreaming, FEC
- Multicast, EBU N/ACIP, DHCP

Codec Accessories:
- CIV-AC PSU 90-240 AC .....(on request)

Codec Applications:
- CIV-DSY Synchroneous play out of decoder audio signal via NTP, <<+-8ms .....(on request)

Codec Audio Formats:
- CIV-GW UB Gateway functionality from ISDN bi-directional to linear bi-directional audio via Axia Live W ire, up to 30 gateways, 8 packaged within one LW stream .....(on request)
- CIV-GW UU Gateway functionality from ISDN uni-directional to linear audio via Axia Live W ire, up to 30 gateways, 8 packaged within one LW stream .....(on request)
- CIV-MSIP Enables the connection of multiple SIP access to individual definable subcodecs .....(on request)
- CIV-4APT Up to 4 apt-X and Eapt-X Licenses .....(on request)
- CIV-4AAC Up to 4 AAC and AAC HE Licenses .....(on request)
- CIV-8AES AES Interface for Audio I/O, up to 16 audio channels, sampling rate of 48kHz .....(on request)
- CIV-MADI MADI Interface for Audio I/O, up to 64 audio channels, sampling rate of 48kHz .....(on request)
- CIV-S2M1 S2M (PRI) primary rate interface for ISDN-dial-up circuit (30 B-channels) .....(on request)
- CIV-OPUS Mono Audio Coding/Decoding .....(on request)

Codec Network Cards:
- CIV-ASI Interface (out) .....(on request)
- CIV-ISDN 4 BRI (8 B channels) .....(on request)
- CIV-X.21 Interface .....(on request)

Codec Software:
- MOBIphone Free iOS App available on the App Store

Upgrades Centauri:
- CIV-3-5 HW Crossgrade CENTAURI 300x to 5000 .....(on request)
- CIV-4-5 HW Crossgrade CENTAURI 4000 to 5000 .....(on request)