Mayah C12

Setting a new standard.

With a cutting edge CPU and the capability to run even highly complex scenarios, our stereo codec C12 fit for all broadcast relevant standards,featuring front panel control with a display, numeric keypad, navigationand function keys.

Of course, the C12 can also be controlled through the extensive MAYAH webremote (phonebook included) to connect studios, voice talents or radio stations. AAC, AAC HE, apt-X, Eapt-X and ADPCM4SB/MICDA are supported and can be implemented optionally.

C12 is the successor to all MAYAH C11x1 codecs. Connection to 3rd party codecs is very easy to establish due to MAYAH‘s strict EBU Tech3326 compliance policy. Additionally MAYAH FlashCast oers highly functional and reliable jitter buer, FEC, error concealment and automatic quality adjustment. All MAYAH FlashCast ISDN features are supported as well.

C12 with FlashCast sets new compatibility standards.

- 1 stereo, or 2 mono codec connections
- Opus and many other codecs included
- 19“, on board power supply, and front panel UI with a display
- Analog XLR, AES/EBU and basic Livewire support
- Optional AAC (HE), (E)apt-X, AES/EBU Transparent and ADPCM4SB/MICDA
- Optional ISDN, POTS

Codec Audio Formats:
- C12 AAC and AAC HE Encoder, Decoder .....(385,00 €)
- C12 AES/EBU Transparent Mode .....(500,00 €)
- C12 aptX and EaptX Encoder, Decoder .....(450,00 €)

Codec Network Cards:
- C12 POTS Interface .....(385,00 €)
- C12 ISDN 4 BRI (8 B channels) .....(500,00 €)

Hardware Options:
- C12 PSU External .....(285,00 €)