Mayah C10 / D10

All you need for a perfect IP transmission.

The C10 comes with the new state-of-the-art audio codec algorithm Opus. It oers superb sound with low latency, especially in dicult environments in conjunction with its dual IP functionality, the C10 enables highly complex transmission setups.

Within its FCA, MAYAH has been using Opus successfully for the past three years. Together with the FCA, the proven, state-of-the-art IP connection, it ensures full EBU Tech 3326 compliance.

C10, the next generation MAYAH audio codecs with its on board codec algorithms and extensive AoIP features, MAYAH‘s C10 is all you need for most broadcast applications at a highly economic price. Along with the optional POTS feature, which is still considered an important function in many parts of the world, the following interfaces are included:

- Dual IP
- RS232
- Headphone
- Status & level controls.

The extensive MAYAH webremote enables the C10 to be controlled from any remote location within the network simply via browser.

- 1 stereo, or 2 mono codec connections
- Opus and many other codecs included
- Half 19“, external power supply, and Webremote
- Analog XLR, AES/EBU and basic Livewire support
- Optional AAC (HE), (E)apt-X, AES/EBU Transparent and ADPCM4SB/MICDA
- Optional POTS

- Mayah C10 IP Codec ....(1.695,00 €)
- Mayah D10 IP Decoder .....(895,00 €)

Codec Audio Formats:
- C10/D10 AAC and AAC HE Encoder, Decoder .....(385,00 €)
- C10/D10 AES/EBU Transparent Mode .....(500,00 €)
- C10/D10 aptX and EaptX Encoder, Decoder .....(450,00 €)

Codec Network Cards:
- C10 POTS Interface .....(385,00 €)

Hardware Options:
- C10 PSU External .....(285,00 €)