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IQOYA *SERV/LINK is a multiple stereo or multichannel (e.g. 5.1 or 7.1) IP audio distribution codec for STL/SSL IP audio distribution applications.

When multiple Studio to Transmitter links (STL) or Studio to Studio links (SSL) are required from a single point, IQOYA *SERV/LINK leverages on a single processing device hardware resources, thus facilitating deployments and keeping costs at a reasonable level, compared to several stacked stereo "boxes".

The grouping of several distribution codecs instances also allows for advanced features such as program crossfades or program backups sharing that would simply be unachievable with multiple, independent codecs.

IQOYA *SERV/LINK works great with "webradio" projects as it supports both Shoutcast and Icecast streaming.


- Rock-solid Linux based low-latency audio engine
- Secondary backup IP network stream
- Redundant power supply
- HTML-based configuration pages
- Jack headphone, stereo output
- Direct, low-latency connectivity to Axia Livewire™ networks
- SNMP management
- ISO MPEG 1/2 layer I,II & III
- MPEG-4AAC, AAC-LD, HE-AACv2, AAC-ELD (optional package)
- PCM linear 16/20/24 bits
- ITU G.711/722
- From 8 to 16 analog/digital I/O
- 2 RJ45 Ethercon connectors
- 16 GPIOs
- 1 to 4 RS232