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The challenge
When a broadcaster wishes to conference together multiple remote participants in a single talk show program, normally many codecs are required, each taking studio space.
Furthermore, each of these codecs requires a studio console channel and must be capable of returning a mix minus to each participant. The cost of such a console and codec hardware can be considerable.

The Solution
Integrate many audio codecs into a single processing device that is capable of generating the studio outputs and participant mixes, thus integrating both broadcast console and multiplex functionalities.

IQOYA solutions are based on FluidIP (a rock-solid N/ACIP (EBU Tech 3326) compliant IP audio codec engine developed by Digigram)


- N/ACIP Tech 3326 IP codecs
- Professional audio quality with Digigram sound cards
- Multiplex mixing for each participant
- N or N-1 feed return for each participant
- Talkback functionalities
- On air signalling
- Network control and resource reservation

The entire show only requires a single console channel for the multiplex mix, instead of one per participant. In addition, remote control of each participant's V*MOTE or *CALL settings is possible.