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A cost-effective version of the full-featured IQOYA *LINK codec. With its decode-only approach, simplified ergonomics and features targeted at unattended transmitter sites, the *LINK /LE is the ideal choice for serious broadcasters looking for a perfect mix of 24/7 reliability, audio format choices (the decode-only AAC codec package is included as standard, Enhanced apt-X is optional) and affordability.


- Stereo IP Audio Distribution Codec
- Included AAC codec pack (decode only)
- Optional Enhanced apt-X codec
- 2 mono analog inputs & outputs / 1 stereo AES3 digital input & output
- Specialized, non PC-based, fan-less components
- 2 Ethernet network ports for redundancy and control
- RTP/UDP IP audio, EBU Tech-3326 (N/ACIP) compliant
- 4/4 GPIOs and RS232 serial data ports
- GPIOs, SNMP and SMTP (e-mail) real time alarm management
- Backup or local spot inserts stored on SD memory card