Solid State Logic C 300 HD

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Master Studio System

From independent facilities to major film sound stages, Solid State Logic’s C300 HD Master Studio System delivers an unbeatable combination of enhanced productivity, secure performance and operator-friendly design.


-Ergonomic work surface with excellent visual feedback
-Vertical Fader ‘Stacks’ simplify mapping complex track layouts to a fixed console configuration
-High-resolution TFTs display routing and processing
-Direct (HUI) control of up to 4 DAWs simultaneously
-128 x 8 monitor matrix, 64 Pec/Direct channels and 8-ch Monitor insert
-4 x 7.1 Monitor Outputs, each with an independent 8 x 8 Format matrix
-Panning options for new HD surround formats including side and rear speaker layouts
-TimeFreeze automation system supports still and step frame parameter data entry
-Multichannel formatting (up to 7.1) for the 80 mix busses
-Frame options from 16 to 128 faders, 1 to 3 operator positions
-Full timecode and system sync support for 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 HD frame rates
-System reference accepts HD Tri Level Sync, SD Video, AES and Word clock signals
-Fs and 2Fs sample rates at 44.1 and 48 kHz with 0.1% pull up/pull down options
-Scalable DSP provides from 32 to 512 mix inputs (plus 80 mix busses and full monitoring facilities as standard)
-Flexible channel linking and formatting allows easy creation of multichannel inputs, for up to 7.1 surround
-Instant allocation/optimisation of audio processing – new layouts can be made without requiring a restart
-Online multi-user setup of control surface and DSP
-Integral machine control via 4 serial machine control ports, wide speed time code reader/generator and MMC
-Central touchscreen for machine and monitor control
-32 x 32 main ‘re-record’ matrix with output processing