Soundfield DSF-1

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The DSF-1 is a digital surround microphone system aimed at the discerning concert venue broadcast and recording markets, ideal for capturing classical and acoustic performances in both stereo and high quality surround. The DFS-1 system, which comprises a SoundField microphone and hardware digital control unit, benefits from much of the techniques employed in the established DSF-2 digital broadcast system, but with various changes to reshape it for the performance and recording markets. The output signals are all 110 ohm AES-EBU on XLRs, the digital format more common in the recording and concert broadcast markets, instead of the BNC connectors employed on the DSF-2.
In addition to standard 48/96/192kHz sample rates, the DSF-1 can also handle audio at the CD mastering standard of 44.1kHz, as well as 88.2kHz and 176.4kHz. Both word clock input and output are provided as standard. The DSF-1 also offers all of the features of the established DSF-2, including the ability to change the pickup pattern, output the results in mono, stereo, Mid & Side or surround sound, and to Rotate, End Fire or Invert the mic without physically handling it. The DSF-1 is perfect for capturing performances by artists of international standing in world-class concert venues and studios, whether for broadcast or release on disc.


- DSF-1 Kontrolleinheit
- Mikrofoncase aus Leder
- Shock Mount Halterung
- 20 m Mikrofonkabel
- Schaumstoff Windschutz
- Netzkabel
- Manual


- DSF-1/ Nuendo inkl. Surround Zone Plugin für Nuendo (Preis auf Anfrage)
- DSF-1/ PT inkl. Surround Zone Plugin für Pro Tools (Preis auf Anfrage)
- DSF-1/ SS5 inkl. Surround Zone Plugin für SADie Ser.5 (Preis auf Anfrage)